The Festival

What, why and who.

The Summer of 2018 will see the launch of the Birmingham Design Festival – a celebration of the dynamic design industry, held over four packed days and hosted in our own backyard. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, design student or someone who just enjoys a casual critique of the modern world, we’ll offer you the opportunity to engage with a broad range of disciplines and top practitioners from the UK and beyond – not to mention exciting local talent.

Through a carefully-curated programme based around an annual theme, we hope to encourage further conversation, interaction and inspiration. You’ll hear from individuals and studios who are helping champion the local scene, combined with iconic designers who’ve made waves around the world.

Birmingham Design Festival will consist of workshops, talks, exhibitions, demonstrations and screenings loosely gathered into three Design Districts (Graphic, Digital & Product) and will be held in both modern and historic venues across Birmingham, showcasing the innovative institutions and rich heritage Birmingham offers. We hope to see you there!