Be a part of the BDF Conference

Being involved in BDF is a memorable experience. Whether it’s delivering a talk, putting on a workshop or becoming a volunteer there are some great incentives for taking part.


Speaking & workshops


Applications open early 2020.

Who can volunteer?

If you’re over 18 and have an interest in supporting the festival and creative events in Birmingham then volunteering is definitely for you. We need you to be on hand for at least 8 hours (total) between 4th and 7th June, as well as for some training sessions in April.

We see volunteering as a great opportunity for students but equally this gig is for anyone who wants to be involved and has a good work ethic.

Speaking & workshops

How you can be a part of the BDF Conference programme.

Speaking at BDF conference

Due to the limited number of speaker slots this year we will be inviting our speakers individually based how well they fit with our theme and programme.

That said, if you have something you feel will really contribute to the theme “Colour” please get in touch.

Hosting a workshop

Much like the speaking opportunities we will be inviting workshop hosts individually, but welcome contributions from the local community that fit well with our theme.

Get in touch via email if you have a workshop idea for 2020.

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