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Talk – Product

Re-imaging technology for the future generation

  • Shu-Ting Huang


  • Bruno Schillinger



Fri 7th June 2019



BCU STEAMhouse – Lab Room


40 minutes

Kano is a London-based tech company with a simple mission – to give the control of technology back to people by making it accessible, digestible and transparent.

We carry supercomputers in our pockets, more powerful than those that took us to the moon. But billions of us simply swipe, tap, swipe, staring at sealed, secretive screens. Kano is trying to open up the black box to let people look inside and take control.

There are a lot of concerns around technology; information overload, social media addiction, big data, and environmental impacts to name a few. In this talk, we will aim to break down our approaches in responding to these worries and what actions we take to empower creating instead of just consuming technology. We will discuss how we break down complex computing and software principles in our physical kits and digital tools – to encourage creativity and curiosity in children as well as adults.


Shu-Ting Huang

UX Designer at Kano

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UX Designer at Kano

Ting is a London-based UX designer passionate about making emerging technologies accessible to the public. She formerly worked as an interaction designer of a home robot, looking at the applications and social implications of machine learning technology. Right now she works at Kano Computing focusing on STEM/STEAM products for children.

Bruno Schillinger

Lead Product Designer at Kano

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Lead Product Designer at Kano

Bruno Schillinger is a product designer with a focus on combining form and detail with creative and informed design processes to create thoughtful and innovative products. After working for several London design studios Bruno has spent the last 4 years working as lead product designer at Kano computing, delivering new ways for people of any age to make, play and learn with technology, from inception right through to production.


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BCU STEAMhouse – Lab Room

STEAMhouse is a unique new space for innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration. Powered by Birmingham City University, their free workshops and events allow people to share and develop their ideas with experts from many different backgrounds. The venue has specially designed spaces to encourage businesses to incubate new ideas, and prototype new products and services. It also houses a fabrication facility where members can experiment with digital, wood, metal and print production.

STEAMhouse is located on Digbeth High Street, a stone’s throw from the city centre.

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  • Wheelchair Access
  • Toilets
  • Accessible Toilets

Birmingham, UK

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