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Workshop – Graphic

Marketing for creatives

  • Tom Ross

    Design Cuts

  • Ian Barnard

    Hand lettering artist



BCU Curzon - The Hive



Join established designers and one half of The Honest Designers Show: Tom Ross and Ian Barnard for a live workshop teaching Marketing for Creatives.

They will walk you through how to find more success as a creative – from growing your social following, to building your brand and scaling your profit. This workshop will feature a Q&A section, so is a perfect opportunity to get direct help with your marketing struggles. Ian and Tom promise this will be a highly valuable (and fun) hour to get your creative business on the right track!


Tom Ross

Founder of Design Cuts

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Founder of Design Cuts

Tom Ross is a life-long creative and marketer. Kicking off his creative career at aged 12, he’s since built a super popular design blog, had a decade-long freelance career, coached some of the most established creatives on the scene with their businesses, and runs, a community of 500,000 designers. He believes passionately in the marriage of design and marketing; making marketing more human, and designers more successful!

Ian Barnard

Hand lettering artist

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Hand lettering artist

Ian Barnard is a hand lettering artist, calligrapher, type designer and newbie muralist. His love for lettering started when he got a copy of “Calligraphy for Dummies” 6 years ago and now pursues his passion full time through custom lettering for brands, selling fonts and digital brushes and teaching others through short Instagram and YouTube videos. He uses both analogue and digital media, finding anything and everything he can get his hands on to letter with or on. Passionate to see other people pick up his love for letters and that learning calligraphy still hasn’t sorted out his terrible handwriting.


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BCU Curzon - The Hive

The Hive space is a lecture room located inside BCU Curzon, please ask a volunteer or member of staff to guide you to the correct location.

The Curzon Building — a state-of-the-art addition to our City Centre Campus — is now open and is home to our Business, English, Law and Social Sciences students.

The 24,300m² Curzon Building, which is the second phase of our City Centre Campus expansion, provides a student support hub as well as a new library, teaching and IT space, plus other student-facing facilities.

The construction of The Curzon Building also saw the complete restoration of a Victorian pub, The Eagle and Ball, which offers a unique new home to the Students Union. The Eagle and Ball pub was built between 1840 and 1850 and was known as The Moby Dick when it closed in 2007.

  • Nearby Parking
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Toilets
  • Accessible Toilets

Birmingham City University Curzon Building,
Cardigan Street,
Birmingham, UK

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