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ICBQ & Fully justified

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Thu 6th June 2019



BCU Parkside - P350


40 minutes

Fully Justified – Uncovering the truth behind the underrepresentation of women in Senior design roles.

As Falmouth Graphic Design undergraduates, we are approaching the industry with curiosity and intrigue regarding the underrepresentation of female designers in Senior roles. We are concluding our research based on a series of interviews spanning a decade worth of female Falmouth graduates and their experiences within the industry. Discussing our findings from our recent publication, we will be considering how we can make the industry more mindful about how it can progress in light of gender based issues.

ICBQ – Unpublishable

ICBQ is a research publication focused on showcasing the work of design professionals and students which would usually go unseen. Anything from rejected design proposals to the process work that leads to a finished outcome.

 The publishing of the work in ICBQ is important as so much of what we see of the design world is highly polished finished work, too often the presentation of design and the design process are a skin-deep experience rather than an in depth examination into the creative process.

 We hope to open up the discussion around work which falls off the radar, we want to show its value and examine the relationship creatives have with rejection. We want to share their stories with the aim to remind students and professionals that although work may fall by the wayside, it doesn’t mean it’s not if any value.


Fully Justified

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Fully Justified

During their last year at Falmouth University, Eleanor and Emma wanted to approach and develop an understanding of the underrepresentation of women within the design industry. As feminists, Eleanor and Emma both have a passion to build on the progress that has already been made regarding equality. ‘Fully Justified’ was formed in January 2019, with the purpose of investigating, understanding and ideally changing future perspectives of women in design. Currently working on a project that voices the stories of the last decade of female Falmouth graduates, they want to compare past and current experiences to determine whether the design industry is striving towards gender equality. Their ultimate goal is to inspire and empower the next generation of female creatives that they can achieve senior roles within the industry.



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ICBQ is a magazine led by a group of final year graphic design students at Falmouth University. It celebrates and investigates the unseen and unused work of graphic designers and other creatives in the industry. Our goal as a magazine is to share the stories behind rejected pieces of work and get more people talking about the lesser-discussed parts of the design profession.


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BCU Parkside - P350

P350 is a lecture theatre located on the 3rd floor of BCU Parkside. Entry is gated but will be open, if you have any issues find a volunteer or member of staff and they will be able to guide you.

The BCU City Centre Campus is a multi-million pound centre of excellence in the heart of Birmingham’s Eastside development. It is made up of four buildings: Millennium Point, The Joseph Priestley Building, The Parkside Building and The Curzon Building.

The Parkside Building is the home to our Faculty of Arts, Design and Media.

The City Centre Campus supports the creative industries, business engagement, applied innovation and cultural excellence.

With over 5,500 of our 24,000 students enrolled on courses in music, theatre, writing, media, digital technology, art, design, jewellery and architecture, Birmingham City University is one of Britain’s leading providers of talented professionals to the cultural and creative industries.

The vast majority of these students are part of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media – the driving force behind the creative provision at Birmingham City University.

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