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Talk – Product

Driving brand affinity through abstracted emotional recall

  • Mike Roberts

    Green Room Design



BCU STEAMhouse – Lab Room



In a new age of information bombardment and swipe culture, how can brands expect to command attention, let alone stay memorable?
If the answer to creating powerful brand memory structures is in sensory experiences, how can you be sure that you’re creating lasting brand memories and not just fleeting impressions?
Designing for the senses can help customers stretch back into the past and forwards into the future by evoking and creating lasting memories. But how can space and time link abstract memory and current experience, to increase product engagement in a retail environment? This talk will demonstrate how elevating sensory engagement can transform customers mind-states to increase both dwell-time and propensity to buy.


Mike Roberts

Chief Creative Officer at Green Room Design

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Chief Creative Officer at Green Room Design

Mike’s business and creative philosophy is a simple one; everything starts with humans! It’s this refreshingly grounded perspective and approach that spearheads the creative vision of Green Room Design. His intelligent, considered and highly engaging persona provides audiences with an alternative view of the industry landscape – and in turn – the crux of the challenges that brands and retailers currently face.


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BCU STEAMhouse – Lab Room

STEAMhouse is a unique new space for innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration. Powered by Birmingham City University, their free workshops and events allow people to share and develop their ideas with experts from many different backgrounds. The venue has specially designed spaces to encourage businesses to incubate new ideas, and prototype new products and services. It also houses a fabrication facility where members can experiment with digital, wood, metal and print production.

STEAMhouse is located on Digbeth High Street, a stone’s throw from the city centre.

  • Nearby Parking
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Toilets
  • Accessible Toilets

108 Digbeth,
Birmingham, UK

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