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Commercial Classics: The Past is the Present

  • Paul Barnes

    Commercial Type



BCU Parkside - P350



For nearly ten years Commercial Type have been producing new typefaces for todays needs and challenges; from such classics as Guardian, Publico and Graphik through to new and challenging faces like Orientation, Marian and Dala Floda. But another side to Commercial Type, Commercial Classics, has been looking to the past, and finding old forms that modern designers will find useful, from large serif and sans families like Brunel and Caslon Doric, through to more unusual but beautiful styles, like the strange Caslon Italian. Commercial Type partner Paul Barnes will be talking about where these old faces come from and how they have been remade for today.


Paul Barnes

Partner at Commercial Type

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Partner at Commercial Type

Paul Barnes is a type and graphic designer, and a partner in Commercial Type, a leading Anglo-American type foundry. With his partner Christian Schwartz he designed the famed typefaces for the Guardian newspaper in 2005 and recently revisited them for the 2018 redesign. He has designed typefaces for a wide range of clients, from the National Trust to the numbers on Puma and Umbro Football shirts. His retail typefaces include Publico (with Christian Schwartz), Dala Floda and Austin. Commercial Type have recently launched a second venture Commercial Classics, releasing new versions of classic typefaces.


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BCU Parkside - P350

P350 is a lecture theatre located on the 3rd floor of BCU Parkside. Entry is gated but will be open, if you have any issues find a volunteer or member of staff and they will be able to guide you.

The BCU City Centre Campus is a multi-million pound centre of excellence in the heart of Birmingham’s Eastside development. It is made up of four buildings: Millennium Point, The Joseph Priestley Building, The Parkside Building and The Curzon Building.

The Parkside Building is the home to our Faculty of Arts, Design and Media.

The City Centre Campus supports the creative industries, business engagement, applied innovation and cultural excellence.

With over 5,500 of our 24,000 students enrolled on courses in music, theatre, writing, media, digital technology, art, design, jewellery and architecture, Birmingham City University is one of Britain’s leading providers of talented professionals to the cultural and creative industries.

The vast majority of these students are part of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media – the driving force behind the creative provision at Birmingham City University.

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